Ninja Pizza Presents: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 Voice Cast Interview

Awesome turtle fan Roseangelo over at posted this awesome interview she did with the voice cast from the new Nickelodeon TMNT show that is due out in late September. Participants include: Sean Astin – Raphael Greg Cipes – Michelangelo… Continue Reading

Biography – Joe Eyeball

Joe Eyeball Biographical information Home Sewer City Ethnicity Caucasian Aliases Joe Junkee Occupation Garbageman Affiliation TMNT Physical description Species Mutant Gender Male Hair color Blond Eye color Blue, Black Out of universe information Era(s) 1987 Series First appearance Muckman Messes… Continue Reading

Biography – HiTech

HiTech Biographical information Affiliation Lord Dregg Physical description Species Alien Gender Male Eye color Yellow, White Out of universe information Era(s) 1987 series Voiced by Rob Paulsen (season 9) Cam Clarke (season 10) HiTech is a humanoid arthropod alien who served as Lord Dregg’ssecond… Continue Reading

Biography – Rob Paulsen

Robert Fredrick “Rob” Paulsen III (born March 11, 1956) is the regular voice actor for Raphael in the 1987 animated series up until the last season, when he was replaced by Michael Gough. Recently, Rob has announced he is voicing Donatello in the upcoming 2012 animated series. In total,… Continue Reading

Biography – Donatello

  Donatello Biographical information Home Earth, Joe’s Pet Place, New York City, The Sewer, April’s apartment, Jones family farmhouse Nickname(s) Don, Donny, Don-San, The Dark Turtle, Brainiac, Mr. Wizard, Gear Head Supreme Date of birth Unknown Weapon(s) of choice Bo Staff, Turtle Fist… Continue Reading