Mirage Vol. 4

Volume 4: 2001 – 2010

Peter Laird and Jim Lawson brought the Turtles back to their roots with the simply-titled TMNT in December 2001. Published bi-monthly, the series took the opportunity to correct a persistent error: Since the first issue of Volume 1, Michelangelo’s name had been misspelled as “Michaelangelo.” It is now spelled correctly, consistent with his Renaissance namesake.

Picking up fifteen years after the conclusion of Volume 2 (and omitting the events of Volume 3), the Turtles, now in their early thirties, are living together in their sewer lair beneath New York City. April and Casey have been married for some time and remain in contact with the Turtles from their nearby apartment. Splinter continues to live at the Northampton farmhouse, where he has become a “grandfather” of sorts to Casey’s teenage daughter, Shadow. The Utroms return to Earth in a very public arrival, subsequently establishing a peaceful base in Upper New York Bay. Since the arrival, aliens—and other bizarre life-forms, like the Turtles—have become more accepted within society. No longer forced to live in hiding, the Turtles now roam freely among the world of humans, albeit under the guise of aliens.

The latest issue of TMNT Volume 4 was issue #31 which came out online in October 17, 2010 several months after Peter Laird sold the Turtles franchise. It ends with “To be Continued” but the story was never continued or concluded, as of yet. Also issue 31 is free and available for viewing on Peter Laird’s blog. To the much disappointment of fans Peter does not know when or if he will conclude volume 4. He has however stated that #32 has been finished and hopes to put it online like #31.

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