Biography – Shadow Jones

Biographical information Home Earth Aliases Maria Isabella Puzorelli Affiliation TMNT Physical description Species Human Gender Female Out of universe information Era(s) Mirage Publisher Mirage Studios First appearance City at War, Part 9 Created by Jim Lawson   Mirage Comics (Baptised… Continue Reading

Biography – Foot Ninja

Foot Soldier Home Various, Earth, Catacomb, Nebraska, Japan Technodrome,Foot Headquarters Nickname(s) Foot Ninja, Butt Head, Robin Hood, Cyber-Soldiers Weapon(s) of choice Various, Swords, Staff, Claws, Trident, Turtle Shell Biter, Electro Shock-Mace, Turtle Carver Knife,Nunchaku, Fan, Firecracker, Sledgehammer, Manriki-gusari, Mini-choppers, Whips, Foot Mechs, Snowballs, Blow… Continue Reading

Biography – Donatello

  Donatello Biographical information Home Earth, Joe’s Pet Place, New York City, The Sewer, April’s apartment, Jones family farmhouse Nickname(s) Don, Donny, Don-San, The Dark Turtle, Brainiac, Mr. Wizard, Gear Head Supreme Date of birth Unknown Weapon(s) of choice Bo Staff, Turtle Fist… Continue Reading