Biography – Kon-Shisho

Kon-Shisho Biographical information Home Japan Ethnicity Japanese Abilities Chi Manipulation Weapon(s) of choice Two katana Occupation Ninjutsu Master of Spirit Affiliation Ninja Tribunal Physical description Species Human Gender Male Hair color Silver Eye color Silver Out of universe information First appearance… Continue Reading

Biography – Hisomi Shisho

Hisomi-Shisho Biographical information Home Japan Affiliation Ninja Tribunal Physical description Species Human Gender Male Hair color None Eye color Yellow Hisomi-Shisho is a member of the Ninja Tribunal and the ninjutsu master of stealth. He is very fast, large, strong, but also no… Continue Reading

Biography – Hamato Yoshi

Hamato Yoshi Biographical information Home Japan, Earth, NYC Ethnicity Japanese Aliases Yoshihama Takeshi (TV Tokyo dub) Nickname(s) Splinter Weapon(s) of choice Sword Occupation Foot Clan member, Ninja, Utrom Guardian (2003 Series) Affiliation Foot Clan, Utrom Guardians Physical description Species Human Gender Male Height ? Weight ? Hair… Continue Reading

Biography – Foot Ninja

Foot Soldier Home Various, Earth, Catacomb, Nebraska, Japan Technodrome,Foot Headquarters Nickname(s) Foot Ninja, Butt Head, Robin Hood, Cyber-Soldiers Weapon(s) of choice Various, Swords, Staff, Claws, Trident, Turtle Shell Biter, Electro Shock-Mace, Turtle Carver Knife,Nunchaku, Fan, Firecracker, Sledgehammer, Manriki-gusari, Mini-choppers, Whips, Foot Mechs, Snowballs, Blow… Continue Reading

Biography – Foot Mystics

The Foot Mystics, also called “Heralds of the Shredder”, or Mystic Ninjas, are five elemental entities who each controls a classic element: Metal, Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind. They all have the ability to regenerate body parts or shape their own bodies. Their… Continue Reading