Biography – Barry Gordon

Barry Gordon (born December 21, 1948) is the regular voice actor for Donatello and Bebop in the 1987 animated series. In a interview for the Season 5 DVD set, he admitted to being an avid pizza eater. Biography Gordon was born in Brookline, Massachusetts. He began his professional… Continue Reading

Biography – Donatello

  Donatello Biographical information Home Earth, Joe’s Pet Place, New York City, The Sewer, April’s apartment, Jones family farmhouse Nickname(s) Don, Donny, Don-San, The Dark Turtle, Brainiac, Mr. Wizard, Gear Head Supreme Date of birth Unknown Weapon(s) of choice Bo Staff, Turtle Fist… Continue Reading

Biography – Bebop

Bebop Home: Brooklyn, New York; Technodrome; Dimension X; Hoggywood Affiliation: Foot Clan Species: Mutant Warthog Gender: Male Universe: 1987 Fred Wolf Cartoon, Archie Comics, Anime Cartoon, Video Games, Mirage First Appearance: Turtle Tracks (human), Enter the Shredder (mutant) Created by:… Continue Reading