Biography – Kon-Shisho

Kon-Shisho Biographical information Home Japan Ethnicity Japanese Abilities Chi Manipulation Weapon(s) of choice Two katana Occupation Ninjutsu Master of Spirit Affiliation Ninja Tribunal Physical description Species Human Gender Male Hair color Silver Eye color Silver Out of universe information First appearance… Continue Reading

Biography – Knucklehead

Knucklehead Biographical information Weapon(s) of choice Giant Fists Affiliation Foot Clan Physical description Species Vehicle Out of universe information Era(s) 1987 series, Archie The Knucklehead is a spider-like robot built by Baxter Stockman. It first appeared in the 1987 series episode Enter The Fly as Shredderused it… Continue Reading

Biography – Kluh

Kluh Biographical information Home Levram Ethnicity Alien/interimensional warrior Date of birth Levram Abilities Superhuman Strength and Endurance, Weapon skills Can change size Weapon(s) of choice Twin-Bladed Glaive Occupation Warrior Affiliation Ammag (father) Physical description Gender Male Height 3′ (Small Form) 10′… Continue Reading