Biography – Barry Gordon

Barry Gordon (born December 21, 1948) is the regular voice actor for Donatello and Bebop in the 1987 animated series. In a interview for the Season 5 DVD set, he admitted to being an avid pizza eater. Biography Gordon was born in Brookline, Massachusetts. He began his professional… Continue Reading

Matt Kaufenberg Fan Art

[ART] Artist Matt Kaufenberg of The Autumn Society illustrates the TMNT and villains! “Finally! Here are all four of the turtles, based on their action figures from the late 80’s. These will all be available as solo, 8×8 prints, as well as… Continue Reading

Biography – Bebop

Bebop Home: Brooklyn, New York; Technodrome; Dimension X; Hoggywood Affiliation: Foot Clan Species: Mutant Warthog Gender: Male Universe: 1987 Fred Wolf Cartoon, Archie Comics, Anime Cartoon, Video Games, Mirage First Appearance: Turtle Tracks (human), Enter the Shredder (mutant) Created by:… Continue Reading