Biography – Peter Renaday

Peter Renaday (born June 9, 1935 as Pierre L. Renoudet) is an American voice actor and the regular voice actor for Splinter in the 1987 animated series. Voices Splinter Vernon Fenwick (season 2 onward) General Traag Chrome Dome Leatherhead (1993 Alternate) Dr. Turtlestein Don Turtelli Captain… Continue Reading

Biography – Hamato Yoshi

Hamato Yoshi Biographical information Home Japan, Earth, NYC Ethnicity Japanese Aliases Yoshihama Takeshi (TV Tokyo dub) Nickname(s) Splinter Weapon(s) of choice Sword Occupation Foot Clan member, Ninja, Utrom Guardian (2003 Series) Affiliation Foot Clan, Utrom Guardians Physical description Species Human Gender Male Height ? Weight ? Hair… Continue Reading

Biography – Vernon Fenwick

Vernon Fenwick Biographical information Home Earth, New York City Nickname(s) Vern Burke, Vernon Brindle Occupation Channel 6 Cameraman Affiliation Channel 6 Physical description Species Human Gender Male Height 5’9″ Hair color Black Eye color Black Out of universe information Era(s) 1987 series, Archie… Continue Reading

Biography – Chrome Dome

Chrome Dome Home – Technodrome, Shredder’s Metal Shop Weapon(s) of choice – Thunder Gauntlets, Laser Gun, blasters, cannons, missiles, Silicon Sai, Neutron Ninja Swords, Gigobyte Goupillon, Shogun Sash Affiliation – Foot Clan, Shredder Elite Species – Robot Height – 5′ 10″ Weight – 200 lbs 600… Continue Reading