Playmates 1994 – Foot Soldier (Reissue)

    PORTRAIT OF FOOT SOLDIER Shredder’s Right Hand Mummy VITAL MUMTISTICS: Weapons: Turtle Shell Biter, Electro Shock-Mace, Turtle Carver Knife Birthplace: Catacomb, Nebraska Height: 6′ Weight: 175 lbs. Age: ? Foot Soldiers are all alike: speechless, robotic minions to… Continue Reading

Playmates 1994 – Mondo Gecko (Reissue)

  PORTRAIT OF MONDO GECKO The Rip Roarin’, Skateboardin’ Reptile! VITAL GECKTISTICS: Accessories: Turbo-charged Sewer Skateboard, Tail Skate and Label Sheet Birthplace: Quarterpipe, Hawaii Height: 4 ft. (over the lip) Weight: 150 lbs. (with clear skin) Favorite Phrase: Skate or… Continue Reading

Playmates 1994 – Rhinoman (Reissue)

  PORTRAIT OF RHINOMAN The Humongous Horned Half-Wit! VITAL SUPTISTICS: Weapons: Rhino-plated Shield, Nutty the Squirrelly Sidekick, Turtle-terminatin’ Laser Gun Favorite Snack: Turtle shells Favorite Stunt: Punchin’ holes in the sidewalk From out of the bowels of the earth emerges… Continue Reading

Playmates 1994 – Shell Kickin’ Raph (Reissue)

  PORTRAIT OF SHELL KICKIN’ RAPH The Super Sewer Soccer Player! Team: Sewer Sonics Position: Striker Height: 5′ with cleats Weight: 157 lbs. with inflated ball School Team: The Grass Eaters First Round Draft Choice Career Goals: 1114 Shell Kickin’ Raph’s one grass-stained green guy… Continue Reading