Playmates 1994 – Raphael with Storage Shell (Reissue)

  PORTRAIT OF RAPHAEL, WITH STORAGE SHELL  The Turtle teen with a Crafty Compartment! VITAL STORTISTICS: Accessories: Spider Hook, Manta Axe, Two Sais, Blowfish Mace, Ninja-rang, Pizza Disc, Two Ninja Stars Capacity: Fourteen Turtle Tons Favorite Musical Group: The Doors Master of the… Continue Reading

Playmates 1994 – Robotic Rocksteady (Reissue)

  PORTRAIT OF ROBOTIC ROCKSTEADY  The Sinister Steel-jointed Thug! VITAL ROBOPTISTICS: Accessories: Laser Wrist Rifle,Poke ’em Pry Bar, Chilling Chainsaw Sword Favorite Transistor: PH 101X Least Favorite Tool: Screwdriver Determined to eliminate the stupidity of regular ol’ Rocksteady, Shredder developed a robotic version… Continue Reading