Biography – Chrome Dome

Chrome Dome
Home – Technodrome, Shredder’s Metal Shop
Weapon(s) of choice – Thunder Gauntlets, Laser Gun, blasters, cannons, missiles, Silicon Sai, Neutron Ninja Swords, Gigobyte Goupillon, Shogun Sash
Affiliation – Foot Clan, Shredder Elite
Species – Robot
Height – 5′ 10″
Weight – 200 lbs 600 programmed lbs
Hair color – None
Eye color – Red
Era(s) – 1987 series, Archie, Video games
Created by – Michael Dooney
Voiced by – Peter Renaday

Chrome Dome is a huge robot built by the Shredder to supervise the Foot Soldiers in the construction of theTechnodrome Mark II. He has many built-in weapons such as blasters, cannons, missiles, etc. He was destroyed by the Turtles by disabling a main chip on his back. He returned in another episode “Night of the Rogues” with several other villains as one of Shredder’s Rogues. He was defeated when Casey Jones crushed him in a hydraulic press.


Chrome Dome also appears as a playable character in the SNES version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters. He was much smaller in the game and colored differently.

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