Archie – TMNT Classics Digest Number 6

Cover: Peter Laird & Ryan Brown Writer: Dean Clarrain Pencilers: Bill Wray, Byron Vaughns and Gener Colan Inkers: Hilary Barta, John Beatty, Kelly Fleming, Gary Fields and Gene Colan Letters: Gary Fields Colors: Barry Grossman First Printing: August, 1994 Number… Continue Reading

Mirage – TMNT Movie Prequel Number 3 – Donatello

Cover: Santiago Bou Story: Bill Moulage Pencils: Jim Lawson Inks: Sean Parsons, Jeremy Colwell, Dan Davis & Hilary Barta Letters: Erik Swanson First Printing: March, 2007 Donatello and Master Splinter track an unidentified flying creature in NYC that ends up… Continue Reading

Mirage – Tales of The TMNT Volume 2 – Number 16 (Sins of the Past)

Donatello visits the Utroms and pilots one of their spacecraft into uncharted space – where he and the Fugitoid encounter an unknown alien species. Cover: Doug Rice, Hilary Barta & Eric Talbot Plot: Steve Murphy & Peter Laird Script: Steve Murphy Pencils: Doug Rice… Continue Reading

Archie – TMNT Adventures Number 20 (Sun and Steel)

“Sun and Steel” Recapping the events from Mighty Mutanimals #1: Skul and Bean captured our heroes via Bean’s stink bomb. The TMNT and friends were tied up and held in Null’s skyscraper, but were saved thanks to Master Splinter being… Continue Reading