Archie – TMNT Adventures Number 20 (Sun and Steel)

“Sun and Steel”
Recapping the events from Mighty Mutanimals #1: Skul and Bean captured our heroes via Bean’s stink bomb. The TMNT and friends were tied up and held in Null’s skyscraper, but were saved thanks to Master Splinter being able to summon rats that chewed the ropes and freed everyone. The Turtles attacked Skul and Bean, but this time they held their breath when a stink bomb was launched and managed to mainatain consciousness. However, they weren’t able to see through the smoke created by the projectile, which allowed the villains to escape in a spaceship that crashed through the roof of the building. Unbeknownst to Null, Skul and Bean, Mondo Gecko and Raphael had gotten on board their craft!

As the smoke from the rubble created by the saceship begins to clear, police helicopters arrive and our heroes make their escape to the streets. They find a nearby bin filled with clothes and don disguises. As the Turtles make their way through China Town, Donatello asks Splinter what they’re going to do about Mondo and Raph, and the Sensei replies that there’s nothing that they can do other than trust in Raph’s abilities and have faith that they will return. The group hears sirens and makes for cover, as a fire truck races by. Splinter suggests that they do some shopping at a nearby curio shop, but when they get to the store, they discover that it’s the building that has caught fire.

An old man is trying valiantly to save his goods, but a police officer grabs him and holds him back, saying that the items aren’t worth the fellow’s life. Just then a woman screams that her baby daughter is trapped in the building – the TMNT immediately decide that they have to save the child, but a fireman rushes into the failing structure first. He finds the baby, but as he picks her up, the roof collapses!

Outside, the old curio shop owner clutches a golden dragon statuette and states, “This must not be…”

Inside, the fireman begins to transform – and he becomes a gigantic, golden dragon! The dragon gives the baby girl to her mother, and then collapses, reverting back to the fireman. Splinter and the Turtles speak with the owner of the curio shop and they carry the fireman off to receive treatment.

Meanwhile, the fire continues to blaze out of control as a giant Foot robot appears in the city and begins to wreak havoc!

The curio shop owner, Chu, has done what he can for the fireman. Splinter compliments the man on his healing techniques, and Chu explains that they have been handed down to him from his forefathers. Splinter asks if the dragon spirit is also a family heirloom, and Chu asserts that it is. Suddenly, the TMNT hear the sounds of the Foot robot’s attack and rush to investigate.

Outside, the monstrous Foot is demolishing everything in sight. The Turtles attack, but their efforts seem useless. They decide to climb to the head of the robot and do what they can from there – which proves to be very little.

Back inside, the fireman is finally awake. The old man explains that the fireman, Chu Hsi, is now one with the Warrior Dragon spirit. Splinter asks the young Chu if he can summon the dragon again, since the city is under seige by another giant. The fireman is unsure if he can manage it, but for the good of all, he makes the effort, and the Warrior Dragon walks once more.

A gigantic battle ensues, and the Dragon eventually defeats the robot. The TMNT congratulate the golden avenger on his accomplishment, and head for home.

Cover: Jim Lawson, Ryan Brown and Losme

Writer: Dean Clarrain

Pencils: Bill Wray

Inks: Hilary Barta, John Beatty and Mark Pacella

Colors: Barry Grossman

Letters: Gary Fields

First Printing: May, 1991

Number of story pages: 28

Master Splinter

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