Archie – TMNT Adventures Volume 04 (1991)

Cover: Ken Mitchroney, Ryan Brown and Steve Lavigne Writers: Ryan Brown and Dean Clarrain Artists: Ken Mitchroney, Don Simpson, Ryan Brown and Dan Berger Colorists: Bill Wray and Marlene Becker Letterer: Gary Fields Published by: Tundra Publishing, LTD. ISBN: 1-879450-06-2… Continue Reading

Archie – TMNT Classics Digest Number 6

Cover: Peter Laird & Ryan Brown Writer: Dean Clarrain Pencilers: Bill Wray, Byron Vaughns and Gener Colan Inkers: Hilary Barta, John Beatty, Kelly Fleming, Gary Fields and Gene Colan Letters: Gary Fields Colors: Barry Grossman First Printing: August, 1994 Number… Continue Reading

Archie – TMNT Adventures Special Number 01 (Summer, 1992)

Cover: Bill Wray Scripts: Steve Sullivan Artists: Brian Thomas and Bill Wray Colors: Barry Grossman Letters: Gary Fields and Willie Schubert First Printing: Summer, 1992 Number of story pages: 64 “If a Tree Falls” By Steve Sullivan and Brian Thomas… Continue Reading

Archie – TMNT Adventures Number 20 (Sun and Steel)

“Sun and Steel” Recapping the events from Mighty Mutanimals #1: Skul and Bean captured our heroes via Bean’s stink bomb. The TMNT and friends were tied up and held in Null’s skyscraper, but were saved thanks to Master Splinter being… Continue Reading