Biography – Gennosuke

Murakami Gennosuke Biographical information Home Feudal Japan Nickname(s) Gen Weapon(s) of choice Daisho( dual swords of the samurai; katana, the long sword, and wakizashi, short sword) Occupation Bounty Hunter Affiliation Ronin, TMNT Physical description Species Rhinocerous Gender Male Height 5′ 10″ Weight… Continue Reading

Mirage – Shell Shock

Cover: A.C. Farley Writers: Various Artists: Various Letterers: Various Published by: Mirage Studios First Printing: December, 1989 Pages: 222 A collection of TMNT stories, both reprints from other sources as well as all new material, done as a benefit book… Continue Reading

Archie – TMNT Adventures Special Number 09 (Summer, 1994)

Cover: Jeff Smith Script: Paul Castiglia Artists: Gary Fields and Stan Sakai Colors: Barry Grossman Letters: Gary Fields and Stan Sakai First Printing: Summer, 1994 Number of story pages: 48 “Full Circle” By Paul Castiglia, Gary Fields and Stan Sakai… Continue Reading

Mirage – Turtle Soup Number 1 (1987)

COVER: Steve Bissette and Kevin Eastman Writers: various Artists: various Letterers: various First Printing: September, 1987 Number of story pages: 58 This was the original one-shot anthology book that featured a bunch of different artists/writers telling TMNT stories and included… Continue Reading