Mirage – Turtle Soup Number 1 (1987)

COVER: Steve Bissette and Kevin Eastman Writers: various Artists: various Letterers: various First Printing: September, 1987 Number of story pages: 58 This was the original one-shot anthology book that featured a bunch of different artists/writers telling TMNT stories and included… Continue Reading

Archie – TMNT Adventures Number 71 (How The Turtles Got Their Weapons)

“How the Turtles Got Their Weapons” Splinter and April are chatting in the sewer about the Turtles when the Sensei is reminded of a tale… Years before, as Splinter was bringing home some pizzas to his very young students, he… Continue Reading

Mirage Volume 1 – One Shot – Leonardo (What Goes Around… Comes Around!)

“What Goes Around… Comes Around!” Kevin and Peter used a couple of great storytelling devices for this issue. While the main tale of Leo’s fight with the Foot takes place on the top portion of each page in near silence,… Continue Reading