Biography – Kirby

Kirby Biographical information Home Earth Nickname(s) The King Abilities Drawing Occupation Artist Affiliation Fantasy Warrior Physical description Species Human Gender Male Hair color Brown, Blue Eye color Black Out of universe information Era(s) Mirage, 2003 series First appearance “Kirby and the… Continue Reading

Biography – Kala

Kala Biographical information Home Neutrino homeworld, Dimension X Ethnicity Irish, Neutrino Abilities Fire weapons at enemies, fights Weapon(s) of choice Starmobile Occupation Crime-Fighter on the Planet Neutrino in Dimension X Physical description Species Neutrino Gender Female Hair color Red Eye… Continue Reading

Biography – Juto-Shisho

Juto-Shisho Biographical information Home Japan Affiliation Ninja Tribunal Physical description Species Human Gender Male Hair color Black Eye color Blue Out of universe information Voiced by Marc Thompson Juto-Shisho is a member of the Ninja Tribunal. He was the second to… Continue Reading