Playmates 1994 – Raphael with Storage Shell (Reissue)


The Turtle teen with a Crafty Compartment!

Accessories: Spider Hook, Manta Axe, Two Sais, Blowfish Mace, Ninja-rang, Pizza Disc, Two Ninja Stars
Capacity: Fourteen Turtle Tons
Favorite Musical Group: The Doors

Master of the back attack, Raph’s ready to blast those sewer soaked Foot fools with everything packed in his shell. This tricky Turtle teen loves to fake out the Foot into thinking he’s empty-handed – but we all know better than that! With just a flick of his shell, he’s got everything a Foot fighting hero needs; a manta axe for hacking hoods in half, a blowfish mace to knock out the Clan’s transistorized teeth and a ninja-rang for boomer-anging bad boys. But that’s not all! Raph’s super storage shell still has room for more secret sewer stuff, like ninja stars and a pizza disc! So don’t worry when Raph’s all alone and surrounded by a hoard of henchmen, ’cause his secret stash of Foot flipping weapons is always right behind him.

© 1994 Playmates Toys

Images provided by Vaughn Michael

Master Splinter

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