Archie – TMNT: The Movie III: The Turtles are Back… In Time!

Cover: Chris Allan, Brian Thomas & Steve Lavigne Adaptation: Dean Clarrain & Chris Allan Script: Dean Clarrain Pencils: Chris Allan Inks: Brian Thomas with Jon D’Agostino Colors: Barry Grossman Letters: Mary Kelleher First Printing: Summer, 1993 Cover: Kevin Eastman Adaptation:… Continue Reading

Archie – TMNT Adventures Special Number 10 (Fall, 1994)

Cover: Chris Allan and Michael Dooney Scripts: Bill Fitts and John Gentile Artists: Bill Fitts, Dan Seneres and Michael Gaydos Colors: Barry Grossman Letters: Gary Fields First Printing: Fall, 1994 Number of story pages: 48 “Fox Trap” By Bill Fitts… Continue Reading

Mirage – Grunts Number 1

COVER: Michael Dooney Writers: various Artists: various Letterers: various First Printing: November, 1987 Number of story pages: 66 This was a one-shot anthology book that featured a bunch of different artists/writers telling anthropomorphic war stories. There aren’t any TMNT tales… Continue Reading

Mirage Volume 1 – Number 32 (Egyptian Adventure)

April’s friend Molly is in Egypt, working for Tech II. The construction company was forced to hire Molly to surpervise their project due to Egyptian laws. The government requires a representative to protect the country’s unknown heritage that might be… Continue Reading