Mirage – Grunts Number 1

COVER: Michael Dooney
Writers: various

Artists: various

Letterers: various

First Printing: November, 1987

Number of story pages: 66

This was a one-shot anthology book that featured a bunch of different artists/writers telling anthropomorphic war stories. There aren’t any TMNT tales in this comic, but there is one story by Peter Laird that features the Triceratons, so I thought it should be included on our site.

Here’s a list of the contents:

“FAK-II” by Kevin Eastman, Eric Talbot and Steve Lavigne. 6 pages.

“My Friends Call Me the Lucky One” by Jim Lawson. 5 pages.

“The Last Time I Saw Tommy” by Josh Quagmire and Dave Garcia. 4 pages.

“The Horror” by Bella. 8 pages.

“Jonesy” by Bill Fitts. 2 pages.

“The Lesson” by Peter Laird. 10 pages.

“The Bells” by Steve Lavigne. 6 pages.

“Turtle Troop” by Mark Bode. 2 pages.

“Monuments” by Michael Dooney. 6 pages.

“Mekong Delta Blues” by Jim Groat. 4 pages.

“Slaughter Dogs” by Eric Talbot. 5 pages.

“Iron Angel” by Jim Groat and Phil Morrissey. 8 pages.

Master Splinter

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