Playmates 1994 – Cruisin’ Leo


Scorch the streets and burn the blacktop with Cruisin’ Leo and his Classic Sewer Cycle. Teamed up with Road Racin’ Mike and his Kowabunga Bike, these bodacious biker buddies are Turtle titans of tar! Cruisin’ Leo’s a road roamin’ rider – a reptile without a cause. Of course, he’s got a cause real quick if some Foot punk wants to start somethin’! This leather-jacketed joyrider’s Classic Sewer Cycle can chop through the slop on any mean street in town. And with Cruisin’ Leo behind the bars, you’ll know who’s boss. A couple tugs on the spring-retractin’ pizza pull cord and you’ll hear the power of this machine. If the thunder of his bike doesn’t strike fear in the Foot, then Cruisin’ Leo’s cool cuttin’ katana blades certainly will! Those cool blades fold out from the bike and are fully detachable for when the action gets fierce. Clear a path for the pavement-poundin’ prince o’ power; get ready for a roarin’ ride with the coolest drivin’ dude around – Cruisin’ Leo and his Classic Sewer Cycle!

© 1994 Playmates

Master Splinter

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