Playmates 2006 – Raphael

  RAPHAEL  Sai-Slinging Teen with a Temper!  STATS Height: 5′ 5″  Weight: 197 lbs.  Hobby: Smashin’ Street Phantoms  Vehicle: Shell Speeder  Weapon: Ninja Tek Sais Fast Forward Raphael kicks out the jams with “take-no-prisoners” futuristic fury! His new twin Ninja Tek Sais are not only… Continue Reading

Matt Kaufenberg Fan Art

[ART] Artist Matt Kaufenberg of The Autumn Society illustrates the TMNT and villains! “Finally! Here are all four of the turtles, based on their action figures from the late 80’s. These will all be available as solo, 8×8 prints, as well as… Continue Reading