Playmates 2004 – Stone Biter

  STONE BITER The Monster from the Underground! VITAL STATISTICS: Vehicle of Choice: None Weapon of Choice: Jaws Birthplace: Foot Genetics Lab Height: 11′ Weight: 500 lbs. Age: Unknown Previous Form: Human Stone Biter’s jaws can chew through solid rock, while its stone cold teeth can grind… Continue Reading

Playmates 2004 – Utrom

  UTROM The Mysterious Aliens Behind It All! VITAL STATISTICS: Vehicle of Choice: Utrom Flying Disc Weapon of Choice: Intellect Birthplace: Utrom Homeworld Height: 12″ Weight: 12 lbs. Age: Hundreds of Years Previous Form: Ootie (Baby Utrom) Utroms – the little aliens with the big brains and… Continue Reading