Playmates 2003 – Super-Poseable Donatello

SUPER-POSEABLE DONATELLO Now, the boys below can get into situations they’ve never gotten into before! Super-Poseable Turtles are 100% mean, green & completely flexible. Bend ’em into lots of cool ninja stances – the “pose-abilities” are endless (heh, heh… sorry,… Continue Reading

Playmates 2003 – Fightin’ Gear Don

  FIGHTIN’ GEAR DON VITAL STATISTICS: Vehicle of Choice: Sewer Stunt Bike & Sewer Slider Weapon of Choice: Bo Staff Birthplace: New York City Sewer  Height: 5′ 2″  Weight: 180 lbs.  Age: 15 years  Previous Form: Pet Baby Turtle You have to hand it to Don. When… Continue Reading