Biography – Wayne Grayson

Wayne Grayson (real name: Vinnie Penna) (born September 22, 1974) is the voice actor for Michelangelo, Blobboid, Metal Head and Dark Michelangelo in the2003 animated series, Fast Forward, Back to the Sewer, Turtles Forever, and various video games. Grayson is probably most famous for his role of Joey Wheeler (Katsuya Jonouchi… Continue Reading

Playmates 2006 – Michelangelo

  MICHELANGELO  Nunchaku-Weilding Knucklehead!  STATS Height: 5′ 3″  Weight: 186 lbs.  Hobby: Tasting Futuristic Junk Food  Vehicle: Steel Wheel  Weapon: Ninja Tek Nunchaku Fast Forward Michelangelo finds the future to be fun, funny and flat-out fun-tastic! How can you go wrong with high-flying Hover Shells,… Continue Reading

Playmates 2004 – Michelangelo

MICHELANGELO Nunchaku Twirling Joke-Meister VITAL STATISTICS: Vehicle of Choice: Battle Shell  Weapon of Choice: Nunchaku  Birthplace: New York City Sewer  Height: 5′ 2″  Weight: 180 lbs.  Age: 15 years  Previous Form: Pet Baby Turtle Quick with a joke and even quicker with the nunchaku, Michelangelo’s Shredder-stomping Ninjitsu… Continue Reading