Playmates 2008 – Mini-Mutants Mike’s Kickin’ Crash Pad

  MINI-MUTANTS MIKE’S KICKIN’ CRASH PAD Mini-playset for maximum ninja action! When a lone Foot Soldier discovers Mikey’s Crash PAd, Mikey decides to bash the evil baddie into oblivion! He grabs his own twin chuks, mounts his board, launches himself… Continue Reading

Playmates 2008 – Mini-Mutants Extreme Sports Donatello vs. Baxter Stockman

  MINI-MUTANTS EXTREME SPORTS DONATELLO VS. BAXTER STOCKMAN Mini-mutant ninjas for maximum banzai action! Combine them with one of four TMNT Mini Action Playsets or take ’em everywhere you go for pocket-sized bushido brawls! © 2008 Playmates Toys

Playmates 2008 – Mini-Mutants Don’s Secret Surveillance Lab

  MINI-MUTANTS DON’S SECRET SURVEILLANCE LAB Mini-playset for maximum ninja action! When the brutish Bigfoot bursts into Don’s Surveillance Lab it’ll take all of his scientific smarts and techno trickery to bring the beast down! Don jets into action on… Continue Reading