Playmates 2004 – Leatherhead

  LEATHERHEAD  The Sewer-Dwelling Mutant Crocodile! VITAL STATISTICS: Vehicle of Choice: Transmat Weapon of Choice: Tail & Teeth Birthplace: Sewers of New York City Height: 7′ Weight: 300 lbs. Age: Unknown Previous Form: Pet Crocodile Not just a handbag with claws, Leatherhead is the only other creature… Continue Reading

Playmates 1989 – Leatherhead

PORTRAIT OF LEATHERHEAD Swamp Stompin’, Ragin’ Cajun Gator VITAL GATORTISTICS Weapons: Turtle Trap, Swamp Gun, Jumbo Gumbo Belt Birthplace: Florida Neverglades Height: 12′ 4″ Weight: 871 lbs. Favorite Songs: “Swamp Stomp,” “Old Man Gator” Favortie Food: Cajun-Spiced Turtle While scum-skulking… Continue Reading