Playmates 2004 – Fugitoid

  FUGITOID  The Robot With The Mind Of A Man! VITAL STATISTICS: Vehicle of Choice: Transmat/Teleportal Device Weapon of Choice: Abhors Weapons and Violence Birthplace: Planet D’Hoonnib, Sidayom System, Federation Territory Height: 5′ 6″ Weight: 98 lbs.  Age (Robot): 3 Years (Since Last Upgrade) Age (Professor): 67… Continue Reading

IDW – Micro-Series – Number 08 – Fugitoid

  Variant A – David Petersen Variant B – Paul McCaffery Variant RI – David Petersen B&W Variant Release Date – September 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Micro-series #8: Fugitoid (W) Paul Allor (A) Paul McCaffrey (CA) David Petersen, Paul… Continue Reading

Playmates 1990 – Fugitoid

PORTRAIT OF FUGITOID The Sleek Servo Servant! VITAL FUGITISTICS: Accessories: Electro-Stun Stick, Metal-melting Machine Gun, Grappling Claw, Skeletal Scanner Birthplace: Peblak, on the Planet D’Hoonib Weight: 200 lbs. (without rust) Favortie Music: Heavy Metal Favortie Drink: Oil Nickname: Honeycutt While… Continue Reading