Playmates 2003 – Foot Gunner

  FOOT GUNNER  VITAL STATISTICS: Weapon of Choice: Rocket Launcher/Shield Birthplace: Various Height: 6′ 4″  Weight: 220 lbs.  Age: Unknown Previous Form: Foot Soldier When Shredder needs to turn up the firepower, he turns to the Foot Gunners! The top arms and ammo experts of the… Continue Reading

Biography – Foot Mechs (Foot Gunner)

Foot Mechs Biographical information Home Various, Earth, Foot Headquarters Weapon(s) of choice Rocket Launcher/Shield/Saw/Flamethrower/Chain/Sword/Blade Affiliation Foot Clan Physical description Species Human (Foot Gunner), Robot (Foot Mech) Gender Male Height 6′ 4″ Weight 220 lbs. Bandana color Blue, Red Eye color Red Out of universe information… Continue Reading