Biography – Marc Diraison

Marc Diraison (Born February 2, 1975 in San Rafael, California) is an American voice actor for the 2003 animated series, Fast Forward, and Back to the Sewer. He is best known as the voice as Guts in Berserk. Voices Raptarr Ruffington Todd/Minnetonka Turtle Titan… Continue Reading

Biography – Cody Jones

Cody Jones Biographical information Home Earth Weapon(s) of choice Turtle X, Ninja Tek Hockey Scythe Affiliation TMNT Physical description Species Human Gender Male Height 5′ Weight 138 lbs Hair color Red Eye color Green, Black Out of universe information Era(s)… Continue Reading

Biography – Jammerhead

Jammerhead Biographical information Home Earth Weapon(s) of choice Ninja-nudgin’ Knife Occupation Gang leader, Thief Affiliation Street Phantoms Physical description Species Cyborg Gender Male Height 5′ 8 “ Weight 190 lbs. Hair color Brown/White/Red Out of universe information Era(s) Fast Forward… Continue Reading