Playmates 2007 – Jammerhead

  JAMMERHEAD STATS Height: 5′ 8 ”  Weight: 190 lbs.  Hobby: Thievery  Vehicle: Stolen Hover Cycles  Weapon: Ninja-nudgin’ Knife Meet Jammerhead – the hi-tech, hi-speed hacker hoodlum of the Fast Forward future! Jammerhead, whose cyber-crimes and holographic hold-ups plague the police of New Manhattan! Jammerhead,… Continue Reading

Biography – Jammerhead

Jammerhead Biographical information Home Earth Weapon(s) of choice Ninja-nudgin’ Knife Occupation Gang leader, Thief Affiliation Street Phantoms Physical description Species Cyborg Gender Male Height 5′ 8 “ Weight 190 lbs. Hair color Brown/White/Red Out of universe information Era(s) Fast Forward… Continue Reading