Mirage – TMNT Official Movie Adaption Number 1

Cover: Kevin Munroe and Anthony Washington Screenplay: Kevin Munroe Script: Murphy Art: Diego Jourdan, Cristian Gonzalez and Juan Saavedra Letters: Eric Talbot First Printing: April, 2007 After the defeat of their old arch nemesis (the Shredder), the Turtles have grown… Continue Reading

Mirage – Tales of The TMNT Volume 2 – Number 35 (The Pantheon)

Splinter battles the Rat King! Cover: Chris Allan & Eric Talbot Plot: Chris Allan & Dean Clarrain Words: Dean Clarrain Art: Chris Allan Letters: Eric Talbot First Printing: June, 2007 Backup Story: “Secret Spirit” by Will Tupper and Diego Jourdan (8 pages)