Playmates 1994 – Ace Duck (Reissue)

  PORTRAIT OF ACE DUCK Accessories: Service .45 Pistol, Weapons Belt w/Egg Grenades, Plug in Wings, Removable Pilot’s Cap Height: 4′ 6″ Birthplace: Peking Least Favorite Time: Duck Hunting Season Least Favorite Food: Peking Duck Hungry for duck brain, Krang ordered Shredder to beam an… Continue Reading

Biography – Ace Duck

Ace Duck Home: Peking, Perdufus Weapon of Choice: Service .45 Pistol, Egg Gernades Occupation: Pilot, Wrestler Affiliation: TMNT Species: Mutant Duck, Alien Gender: Male Heigh: 4’6″ Hair Color: Yellow, White Eye Color: Black First Appearance: 1987 Fred Wolf Cartoon – Attack of Big MACC Universe: 1987 Fred Wolf Cartoon, Archie Comics… Continue Reading