Mirage – Tales of The TMNT Volume 2 – Number 62 (Adventures in Bunnysitting)

Tales Vol.2 #62

“Adventures in Bunnysitting” – Michelangelo’s Utrom friend, Klag, asks the good-natured ninja to take care of his pet bunny while he’s away. Unfortunately for Raphael and Mikey, the rabbit was a test subject for mutagenetic studies – and once the little critter gets agitated, things go from bad to worse – much, much worse! Based on a true story… well, kinda…

Cover: Fernando Leon Gonzalez, Ryan Brown & Steve Lavigne
Story/Layouts: Ryan Brown
Script: Dan Berger
Pencils: Andres Ponce
Inks: Ryan Brown
Tones: L. Jamal Walton
Letters: Eric Talbot
First Printing: September, 2009

Master Splinter

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