Playmates 1996 – Robotation Michaelangelo

ROBOTATION MICHAELANGELO The Rowdy Robotic Rouster! Charging into Foot territory, Robotation Michaelangelo clobbers and crunches away, safely sealed inside his marvelous MutantMechanical T-Transport Shell. This titanium Turtle is totally teched out with oversized battle gear. Mike’s Foot-flattenin’ Finger Flick Mega… Continue Reading

Playmates 1996 – Andro-Skeleton Leonardo

ANDRO-SKELETON LEONARDO The Awesomely Armed Attacker Opening his Kowabunga Clear Shield Canopy, Andro-Skeleton Leonardo climbs aboard his T-Transport Shell and locks himself into bodacious battle mode. Engaging the thrusters, he bursts on to the scene in a freakish frenzy of… Continue Reading