Playmates 1996 – Stretch Donatello

The Mighty Malleable Mutant!

Stretch Consistency: Mutant Melted Mozarella
Rubber Factor: +10.7
Maximum Stretch: Untested – but we know it’s really far!
Leo’s Weapon of Choice: Two Big Bad Bos

Ever since Donatello got the power of the reptile rubber, he’s been reachin’ out and flexin’ his stretchin’ skills. He’s the master of the reach-around-the-corner-and-yank technique. With his big bad bo fitted into his weapon hand clip, Donatello takes out any and all who come within in his reach – and that’s just about everybody in the city! Bad boys just bounce off Don as he hyperextends. His newfound bounce ability gives him extra protection against bone-breaking blows – no bones, no breaks! Don loves to stretch his leg all the way across the street and trip up an entire army of Foot fools. Don’s ready for action, anytime – anyplace. Best of all, he never has to get out of his chair.

© 1996 Playmates

Master Splinter

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