Playmates 1996 – Dynatronic Donatello

The Cyber-Dynamic Destroyer!

Pavement and concrete crumble; twisted, torn metal screams as a huge Mutant figure is born of the sewer. It is Dynatronic Donatello, and bursting out of the cramped confines of the underground is no problemo for this gigantic Green Teen titan. Safely self-contained in a MutantMechanical T-Transport Shell of his own design, Donatello has no sooner grinded his way up to ground level when the monstrous mechanical mayhem begins! A heinous horde of Shredder’s baddest boys are on him like Turtles on pizza. But using his cybertronically-magnified Mutant muscle power from within his battle station built-for-one, Donatello swats and squashes the Foot Clan like the Foot flies they are! Deftly weilding his Rockin’ Shockin’ Cyber Bo Rifle, Dynatronic Donatello knocks the Foot of its feet and keeps ’em down for the count!

© 1996 Playmates

Master Splinter

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