Playmates 1996 – Stretch Rapahel

The Rubber Reachin’ Reptile!

Stretch Consistency: Like a Rubber Chicken in a Pretzel Factory!
Rubber Factor: +10.9
Maximum Stretch: From Here to Way Over There!
Mike’s Weapon of Choice: Four Sewer Slicin’ Sais

Sticks and stones won’t break his boes, cuz he doesn’t have any! He’s Stretch Raphael – and he’s extendin’ the long arm of the law – all the way out! Raphael is all limbered up and ready to stretch into battle with any Foot fool that dares to enter the stretch zone! With his newfound power of super sewer stretchin’ and his mastery of the sewer slicin’ sais, nothin’ can stop him from puttin’ the squeeze on ol’ Shredhead. Hyperstretchin’, Raphael strikes terror into puny punks and world dominatin’ madmen! There’s only one thing that Raphael has to be careful about – twistin’ himself into a nasty Ninja knot! Ouch!

© 1996 Playmates

Master Splinter

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