Playmates 1996 – Stretch Michaelangelo

The Mozarella Muscled Mutant!

Stretch Consistency: Like an Extra-extra-extra Large Waistband
Rubber Factor: +10.8
Maximum Stretch: Immeasurable!
Mike’s Weapon of Choice: Two Numbskull Numbin’ Nunchakus

Now that Michaelangelo can hyperstretch, he’s reachin’ out and touchin’ someone – from down the block! He loves to use his new flexy, fast fists to pummel and pound the Foot, mornin’, noon and night. Armed with his ever-present numbskull numbin’ nunchakus, Michaelangelo stretches out his arms and bonks the bad boys. With his rubberized reptile skin, Mike never dodges blows, he just lets ’em bounce right back! He’s the master of the Twisty Turtle Teen Attack – and no one can escape from his rubbery wrath. The Foot fear him, thugs run from him and achovies offer their souls to him. But best of all, no pizza, no matter how high, is outta reach!

© 1996 Playmates

Master Splinter

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