Playmates 1995 – Metal Mutant Michaelangelo


Metal Mutant Michaelangelo’s Accessories: Beetle Nunchaku, Armor Claws, Metallized Beetle Battle Helmet with Glowing Eyes, Special Metallized Mutant Armor Plating

A battle older than time itself rages on. Good versus Evil in a timeless war with no end – until now. The forces of Good have found a new champion – Metal Mutant Michaelangelo! With his metallized armor – the most powerful armor ever conceived – and his metallized Beetle battle helmet with glowng eyes, armor claws and Beetle nunchaku, Metal Mutant Michaelangelo can withstand any evil the dark forces generate. Transcending the ages, Metal Mutant Michaelangelo’s armor mutates into the form of the Beetle Spirit. Powerful legs, arms and Beetle body are instantly formed from each piece of Michaelangelo’s mystical armor. The world of darkness has no alternative but surrender – unless, by chance, the darkness teams up with Metal Mutant Shredder! A quick scan of the underworld with Metal Mutant Michaelangelo’s glowing eyes confirms the worst. Metal Mutant Shredder has risen with his Tiger Spirit and the battle wages on!

© 1995 Playmates

Master Splinter

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