Playmates 1995 – Jim Lee’s Donatello


The Freak Kickin’ Inventor!

Totally Turtle Gear: Two Battlin’ Bos, Totally Techno Turtle Communicator, Super Steeled Ninja Armor, Shreddin’ Hand Razors

The Turtles have undergone massive mutation, courtesy of master comic book artist Jim Lee. And Donatello’s been given a massive mutant makeover. He’s bulked up and greener than ever. To go along with his new superhero physique, Donatello’s got a massive mutant attitude to match! Donatello and his battlin’ bros are pounding the streets of the windy city in search of that maniacal mutant Shredder and the evil Overlord, leader of the Vicious Circle. And they’ve found ’em! Donatello is ready and willing to unload all the massive mutant fury of his totally redesigned battlin’ bos and never-dull shreddin’ hand razors, just like any prepared Ninja. Donatello has his trusty super steeled Ninja armor for those up close and personal confrontations. All this battlin’ gear should be enough to send those menacing mutants and freaks back bookin’ back to their hide-out. But hopefully they’ll return, because Turtle rule #68 says, “It’s no fun kickin’ mutant butt without your Turtle teen bros around.” And Turtle rule #43 says, “The more freaks of nature fightin’ along side you, the better.” And there’s one now! It’s that fin-headed freak cop, Savage Dragon!

This begins the most feared evil-eradicating alliance ever created! The Turtles and Savage Dragon team up to do battle with the forces of organized evil that threaten to wreack havoc on the peace-loving world. Get ready for the most savage, mutant action this side of the sewers with the ultimate Green Team!

Images provided by Vaughn Michael

©1995 Playmates Toys

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