Playmates 1994 – Cave-Beast Bebop

The Dino-zoic Demolition Duo

Accessories: Stick-em Stone Sword, Turtle Skull Pole, Battle Bones Saddle, Removable Reins, Broto Brand
Favorite Food: Turtle Bone Broth
Favorite Activity: Hunting Turtles

Your mother probably warned you about time travel – that going back to the Stone Age could be dangerous. Well, she’d be right, cuz you’d no doubt run into cold-blooded, dino-age warrior Cave-Beast Bebop and his Bodacious Brontosaurus! They’re a bone-bashin’ duo who live to hunt!

Nothing gives Cave-Beast Bebop more prehistoric pleasure than whackin’ and smashin’ Neanderthal Ninja Turtles with his trusty stone sword. Cave Turtles are easy prey for Cave-Beast Bebop riding high atop his Bodacious Brontosaurus. When he finds ’em, Cave-Beast Bebop enjoys poundin’ Turtles with his turtle skull pole! Then, he’s off gallopin’ with Turtle shell trophies danglin’ from his boney saddle and reins. Cave-Beast Bebop’s real challenge comes when he encounters the Cave-Turtles or Cave-Woman April – they’re smarter and more cunning than Cave-Beast Bebop. But then again, that’s not saying much, considering Cave-Beast Bebop’s brain is about the size of a grain of Stone Age sand. In any case, the raw, brute, ferocious force of Cave-Beast Bebop must be reckoned with – at least for another 1 million years!

© 1994 Playmates

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