Playmates 1992 – Monty Moose



Accessories: Packin’ Pistol, Skinn’ Sabre, Bob the Beaver, Handy Handcuffs and Belly Belt
Favorite Food: Pizza flavored swamp grass
Height: 7′ 8″ with antlers
Brain Weight: .002135 Metric Tons

The Foot Clan can run, but they can’t hide, cuz Monty Moose is on the trail of justice – and he’s trackin’ down all the Foot fools who run west, east, south and north. As a baby moose, Monty was separated from his herd and fell into Ooze Lake, a secret stash of Shredder’s Ooze. Monty’s out to make sure no one (and no moose) ever gets Oozed again. Packed with his packin’ pistol, skinnin’ sabre and handy handcuffs, Monty’s ready to charge right into the Foot Clan. And with the aid of Bob, his trusty beaver sidekick, Monty’s fresh on the trail of crime. This mutant moose meanders through the thick of the woods, stalking and tracking anti-Turtle terrorists. And with beaver Bob alongside, Monty is one moose who always gets his mutant.

© 1992 Playmate

Master Splinter

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