Playmates 1992 – Turtle Troll Don


The Magical Mini-Mutant!

Weapons: Spiky the Club, Troll Bos, Finicky Fist Dagger, Magic Pizza Buckle

Welcome to the world of Turtle Trolls. Suspend your disbelief and hold onto your heads – the Turtle Trolls are here! And they love to party. Living deep beneath the sewers of today, the Turtle Trolls hang out in the ancient sewers of inner earth – a magical place where every Turtle Troll possessess the power of pizza. Pizza. You know what that is. Take a deep breath. You smell it, too? That’s not just the pungent aroma of some ordinary pie – that’s the succulent sewer scent of pure Turtle Troll pizza power! That’s right! This special pizza power enables the Turtle Trolls to battle the bad. But there is a price for this power – a price they must pay with their stomachs. In order to keep their power, they must eat plenty of pizza – pizza loaded with seaweed and anchovy ice cream – and lots of it. It is from these glorious goopy pizza concoctions that the Turtle Trolls receive their magical powers. First, they eat a big hot piece of pizza, then rub their buckles to cast their Mutant magic. They can turn Shredder into a fish and Krang into a moose. Unfortunately, their spells only last as long as their pieces of pizza – which is not very long. But with the Turtle Trolls, there is always another piece of pizza to eat and a bad guy to defeat. So Foot Clan beware – the Turtle Trolls are close – so close, in fact, you can smell ’em.

Images provided by Vaughn Michael

©1992 Playmates Toys

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