Kickstarter – Cerebus: High Society – Special Audio/Visual Digital Edition


EVERYone keeps telling me: KICKSTARTER! KICKSTARTER! KICKSTARTER! So, um, here I am as part of a event/partnership — Cerebus Digital — registered by John Scrudder in his home state of North Carolina.  You GO, TARHEELS! Okay, so John tells me I just have to sign my name and personalize CEREBUS esoterica a few thousand times and mail out a few hundred packages… 

(both of which I’m definitely up for since, fortunately, they don’t require computer literacy — I still use an electric typewriter, “escargot mail”, a fax machine and landline telephone to communicate with the outside world, relying on outside help for anything Internet-based (my MacBook is only for typesetting and downloading photoreference: God Bless Google Images!!!)  I have written instructions here from John telling me how to input this.  I hope I’m doing this right)…

So:  here’s my pitch for the $6,000 that I’m trying to raise:


Continue to convert HIGH SOCIETY into digital files by producing a HIGH SOCIETY combination e-book, audio book/ digital graphic novel/ oral history/weekly serialization at (so far) iVerse, Diamond Digital and Comixology and hope revenues can help things along by the time I’m getting paid early next year (The “Hail Mary” Pass Scenario)


If more than $6,000 is raised (this is where I suspect John is pulling my leg: MORE than $6,000???) then the money would be put aside to do e-books/audio books/digital graphic novels/oral history/weekly serializations of ALL OF THE CEREBUS BOOKS, Beginning with CEREBUS (500 pages), CHURCH & STATE vol. 1 (600 pages). CHURCH $ STATE vol. 2 (600 pages), and JAKA’S STORY (500 pages).  

So, okay, John (I finally agreed). But make the pledges FUNNY.

FUNNY? he says (from which I gather than Kickstarter doesn’t ordinarily, you know, DO “funny”).

Yeah, you know — our “crazy Luddite technophobe senile dinosaur hermit routine” we do on the phone.  

He goes, Are you SURE?

Oh, definitely. If you want them to even READ all these pledge descriptions the LEAST you can is entertain them.  Just think of it as $20 for writing stand-up if we pull in $6,080.  (I knew exactly what would work on him).

And now. Heeeere’s Johnny! (he gets funnier in the Rewards section, trust me). 

Thanks for reading all this (assuming I actually saved it all by hitting that green button down there)!

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David Sim TMNT Sketch

David Sim TMNT Sketch

David Sim TMNT Sketch

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