Mirage Volume 4 – Number 29

Casey, the Fugitoid and their Utrom friends run into trouble at the local watering hole. Leonardo makes friends and potential enemies in the Battle Nexus. Mikey learns more about his Triceraton benefactors.

U.S. Residents can download a free, high resolution PDF file of the book at www.wowio.com once they post it.

Mirage did have a copy that fans can read the book on thier site for free. MutantOoze.org may offer this in the future.

Cover: Jim Lawson & Michael Dooney
Writer: Peter Laird

Penciler: Jim Lawson

Inking/Toning: Eric Talbot & Peter Laird

Letters: Peter Laird

First Printing: April, 2008

Limited Edition of 1,000 copies

Master Splinter

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