Mirage Volume 4 – Number 30

Casey awakens in a strange bed and finds himself face-to-face with Karai’s “pet” hammerhead shark. Meanwhile, Michelangelo faces judgment before the Triceraton High Council as they prepare to go to war with the Styracodon empire. Mirage did have a copy… Continue Reading

Mirage Volume 4 – Number 29

Casey, the Fugitoid and their Utrom friends run into trouble at the local watering hole. Leonardo makes friends and potential enemies in the Battle Nexus. Mikey learns more about his Triceraton benefactors. U.S. Residents can download a free, high resolution… Continue Reading

Mirage Volume 4 – Number 28

People mysteriously disappear on city streets. Leonardo gets into hot water in the Battle Nexus while encountering an enigma. Mike gets a tour of a Triceraton spacecraft. Cover: Jim Lawson & Michael Dooney Writer: Peter Laird Penciler: Jim Lawson Inking/Toning:… Continue Reading