Mirage – Gobbledygook Number 1 (1986)

Cover: Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird
Writers: Various

Artists: Various

Letters: Various

First Printing: December, 1986

Number of pages: 90

An anthology featuring short stories and pin-up pages by the Mirage Studios artists and a few guests.


Page 1: “Don’t Sleep on Main Street” – Eastman and Laird

Pages 2-3: “Only a Loser” – Eastman and Laird

Pages 4-10: “Technofear!” – TMNT story by Peter Laird

Pages 11-12: “Enchanted Pilgrim” illos by Peter Laird

Page 13: SCAT magazine cover by Peter Laird

Page 14: “The Technician” illo by Peter Laird

Page 15: Untitled illo by Peter Laird

Pages 16-19: “The Crossing” – short story featuring Splat & Beggar by Kevin Eastman

Pages 20-24: Untitled Splat & Beggar short story by Eastman and Laird

Pages 25-33: “The Louder the Better” – Splat & Beggar story by Eastman and Eric Talbot

Page 34: Previously unpublished science fiction illo by Peter Laird

Page 35: Triceraton illo by Peter Laird

Pages 36-38: Dragon illos by Peter Laird

Pages 39-42: “You Had To Be There” – B&W version of the color story that was published in TMNT #7 by Kevin Eastman and Richard Corben

Pages 43-49: “Cosmic Crows” – humor strip by Ryan Brown and Bruce Hatten

Pages 50-55: “Cola Wars” – Science fiction story by Kevin Eastman and Jim Lawson.

Pages 56-57: Halloween cover illos for “Hampshire Life” by Peter Laird

Page 58: Previously unpublished horror illo by Peter Laird

Page 59: Cover illo for the “Smith College Alumnae Quarterly” by Peter Laird

Page 60: “Cosmic Crows” – humor strip by Ryan Brown

Page 61-70: “Pursuit” – science fiction story by Peter Laird

Pages 71-73: Three one page shorts by Michael Dooney

Pages 74-77: Previously unpublished comic book samples by Peter Laird

Pages 78-81: “Shopping Spree” – Gizmo story by Michael Dooney

Pages 82-89: “Crazy Man” – TMNT story by Kevin Eastman, Ryan Brown and Jim Lawson

Page 90: “Cosmic Crows”: humor strip by Ryan Brown

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