Playmates 1991 – Machine Gunnin’ Rocksteady

PORTRAIT OF MACHINE GUNNIN’ ROCKSTEADY The wind-up rhino with rapid recoilin’ arm action! VITAL ROCKTISTICS: Accessories: Terrifying Tusk Gun, Pulverizing Pistol, Boxing Skull Glove and Survival Belt! Action Feature: Rapid Recoilin’ Arm Action! Machine Gunnin’ Rocksteady’s got a grip on… Continue Reading

Playmates 1991 – Groundchuck

PORTRAIT OF GROUNDCHUCK The Mean Munitions Mutant! VITAL BULLTISTICS: Accessories: Electro Prod, Tranquilizing Dart Wrist Gun, Turtle-tethering Crossbow Birthplace: Bar B Q Ranch Weight: 500 lbs. (uncooked) Favorite Household Appliance: Branding Iron Always dead-on target, Groundchuck aims to please Shredder.… Continue Reading