Playmates 1991 – King Lionheart

The Majestic Mutant with a Mane!
Accessories: Slap ’em Silly Sceptre, Sovereign Safety Shield, Extra-cool Excalibur, Royal Robe
Height: The length of a ruler
Weight: I don’t know, you weigh him.
Good knight, Foot Clan, wherever you are. King Lionheart is on the prowl and taking no prisoners. This royal robed roughcat is the result of Shredder’s dirty work. Formerly a Sakespearean actor, Shredder tried turning this cat into “king of the mutants.” But the Turtle dudes busted loose this beast before Shredder could give him the ol’ whammy. Forever grateful, this King Arthur of the city sewers has joined the Turtles’ crusade to wipe out the Foot Clan. He’s the master of the slap ’em silly sceptre – and no defense can stop the penetrating power of his extra-cool Excalibur. So join allegiance with King Lionheart – ruler of righteousness and pizza-lovin’ lion.
© 1991 Playmates

Master Splinter

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